Too long waiting list still


blizzard why can’t i play when i want to play ?
everytime you disconnect between the hours 14.00-00.00 you get a 3 hour waiting queue
you told us that it would get better but still there are this long queue ! after more then 1 week after release
and don’t tell me i need to choose other server
you expect from me that i play the whole time so i can’t get disconnected?

i even come to my pc every 30 mins so i can’t get disconnect

blizzard is dictating my life
i want to play when i want and not when blizzard says so

Why don’t you allow character transfers ? that would be the least you could do !

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So do you or do you not want to move servers?

Regardless, Free Character Moves have been announced and will be enabled tonight at 19:30

Everyone will otherwise be queueing for the realm stability, which you can read more about here:

They’ve already addressed this before the start of the Classic Launch:

Realm Queues & Maximum capacity increased:

The queues however are not a CS issue and your thread may be moved. They are unable to forward or address your feedback about it.


well a character transfer could solve the problem i hope so that’s good news hopefully

can europe also do transfer character this evening ?
if so how many times can you do this?

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Yes the first link in my post to FCM is the European Free Character Moving event. An actual paid character transfer isn’t yet possible.

Restrictions can be read in the linked post.

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