Too many quests

Hello everyone, new player i just reached 70 on my rogue and evoker (still not really know what to play between these two), i finished the campaign and understood how to gear up properly but there is a trillion quest, normal quest and campaign quest and i feel so overwhelmed and dont know what i should do, should i just care about gearing up or there is important things to do other than weekly, dunjeons, raids ect, taking into account i like to do lore related content.
Shall i just shut my brain down and clean everything ?

I hope my question is clear enough because i have no experience other than leveling and little pvp in wow, thank you

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Congratulations on 70!

Yeah. Wot you sed is tru.

It has been the case, since at least Cataclysm, that when you first hit max level, the world gets VERY confusing. It’s not just you; it’s the way the game is. The game changes when you hit max. It opens up, very suddenly. You levelled with a clear path posted for you - just keep doing the next quest.

And suddenly, at max level, there are all these new options, and nobody tells you what they’re for.

Sorting out what is important, what is desirable, and what you WANT to do is more a matter of experience than following a guide. There is no wrong answer, but differentiating the better from the humdrum is hard.

You may have a particular objective in mind, and if you do, it’s probably best to follow that direction.

You can consider 4 paths

  1. Mythic-Plus dungeons
  2. Raids
  3. PvP
  4. Collecting

You don’t choose between them, so much as sample each according to your taste.

So how does that relate to the rash of quests you see? It kind of doesn’t.

There are a couple of weekly quests around the fountain in Valdrakken, and, if you’re into PvP, just inside the PvP building a few yards down. Those can give you gear upgrades. They start on Wednesday mornings, so check them out in the morning.

The rest of the quests are story quests. They will send you to The Forbidden Reach, to Zaralek Cavern, and to the Emerald Dream, areas you never visited while questing to 70. You should open the Emerald Dream, since at least one of the weeklies will need you to go there. You can already go to the other two anytime.

If I were you, I would focus on gearing up for at least the first two weeks before following the story quests (if you are interested in them). Having better gear is the priority, since it makes everything go faster.

You should reach an Item Level of at least 450 before spending time on anything else.

This may not have been specific enough for you; please ask again about any more specific quest or event you want to know about - and always keep handy in your browser. :smiley:


Wow, i couldn’t ask for a better answer. I really appreciate

You just cleared all my mind and in the end i already understood all that but i was overcomplicating it so thank you for this.

One thing i’d like to ask is : when i open my map there is a new campaign « Dragonflight » is it the campaign that will lead me to those specific zone ? If not then is it really a must to do or i can take my time with ?

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Yeah. Hey look: when I first made 70, and that forest of exclamation marks hit me, I was dizzy for half an hour - and this is my 8th time hitting max in an expansion! It gets everybody.

The Blizzard designers believe in Shock and Awe as a atrategy :rofl:

But do please ask again if you need a clarification on any specific thing.

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I edited my last comment right when you replied so you may have not seen buy i was wondering about the importance of that « new campaign » you unlock right after, and btw since you seems to be experienced what do you think of rogue vs evoker as a noob to discover endgame content (preference for pvp but never got into real dunjeon and raid so i’ll do that aswell) ? Knowing i love them both as much, evoker having the advantage of being easier due to limited spells (maybe a disadvantage in the end ?) but rogue seems to be way more versatile for a solo player like me if im not mistaken

That falls under the heading of “Story Quests”. The campaigns will lead you to The Forbidden Reach, and Zaralek Caverns, and the mystery of Tyr’s SIlver Scale, and the Emerald Dream.

It is worth opening the Emerald Dream now

by following the quest Call of the Dream.

The rest can wait. You will get no worthwhile gear rewards from the others.

OK, so mini-lecture on classes and specs.

The first thing to know is that Blizzard buff and nerf specs every patch. Maybe Fire Mage was da bomb last patch, but Ret Paladin takes top spot next patch. However, although people complain about these balance things a lot, the difference is always pretty small, under 10%. So, mechanically, every class and spec is always viable in every type of content. Here is a recent graph of all the specs’ performance in the currently hardest raid:

Next thing is that different classes and specs are good in different roles, in diferent types of content. And at different skill levels. Rogues are always excellent in PvP, because of their stealth and stuns. They are not great at solo content, unless overgeared - they are quite squishy once they run out of tricks.

The third thing to know is that none of the above matters if you really love a class, and find it natural to play, because you will then be very good at it.

The best, easiest, specs for a solo player in the world are the pet specs - Beast Mastery Hunter and any of the Warlock specs with a Voidwalker - and the tank specs of Warrior, Paladin, Death Knight, Druid, Demon Hunter. That’s because as a tank, or with a tanking pet, you can take and heal so much damage without ever being in any danger.

Rogue has a lot of freedom because of stealth, but when put up against a Rare-Elite, or a large pack of mobs, you can find your health dropping like a stone unless you use your interrupts and defensives very skilfully. OTOH, I knew one natural Rogue who managed all that amazingly well! I never could.

I don’t really know Destruction Evoker. It was introduced just this expansion, with Dragonflight. I did make one, but never got it past 62, since I really don’t click with it.

In group content, Augmentation Evoker is the Flavour of the Month because of its effect on the party. See these stats on Mythic-Plus:


In the end, the only good advice you will ever hear about classes and specs is: find out about them all, and play whet you enjoy playing, because you will do best at what you enjoy. :smiley:


Thanks a lot for your time and great explanations honestly i came on the forum as a last resort but you did way more than expected, i appreciate the help :muscle:

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