Too much affix

i wrote a post wich was removed as it was offensive ( ?!?! )

It was a note about this week affixes, wich is shade and incorporeal.
My opinion is, the incorporeal affix happens too often.
It just distracts focus from mechanics and rotation, as adds keep spawning and coming endlessly.
Adds show up on boss, adds show up on trash. Adds adds adds.
With shades, this week is a fiesta.

Entangling happening too often as well. Once in every 30 sec.

The affix alone would be OKAY but I d like to see a longer spawn time.

( i dont know why is this offensive. I see people who flaming blizzard and dev team, calling them on names - for some, thats the only purpose to visit the forum - and no one deleting those posts ) Why a feedback from an affix must be deleted?

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Download a weakaura for it. It can haape once every 30 sec or so but in reality its far less.

I think youre exaggerating a lot. This affix is simplicity itself.

i dont need weakaura for it as dbm also alert me.
U think i m exaggerating. I still think 30 sec respawn is a BIT too much and annoying.

Every 45s in combat 0-2 spawn. I also think you’re exaggerating.

It’s simple enough, but it’s one of those affixes that can easily wipe you on a boss if you have bad luck with spawn timing. Had double spawns during add phase on Emberon. Nearest players couldn’t reach them with their interrupts or hard CC.
On the next attempt we did the whole boss fight without a single spawn.

I’m generally not a huge fan of affixes that add more nameplates, especially when it’s paired with a different affix that also adds nameplates. If Blizzard does some adjustments where they disable spawns during certain boss phases, I think it’s fine.

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Delete incorporeal and we all happy.

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it is but from my experience its often coming in most dangerous/annying moments - especialy on bosses.

its quite clear they didnt test it at all before they put it live.

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