Too much in shadow tree?

Im happy that there were significant changes to shadowpriests tree. But what bothers me with the new tree that its very bloated with skills and talents.
Sure it gives you choice but at the same time it looks very messy and lacking of any clear direction.
I would prefer if they toned down the skill tree at this time.
Im very happy with the gutting of voidform though!


Theres gonna be extreme button bloat considering how much has been added, and the fact that Shadow is already boated in SL.

20-30 Keybinds for abilities is a good sweet spot, and I’m pretty sure Shadow will need close to 40 in DF.

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problem with shadow in new expack we got no cleave and 4 more years of blizzard really not fixing anything blizzard said they look in to it like the insanity building up is too slow to even do one mind sear. Like half the talent three is dead. They need to revert mind sear back and make shadow have a new mastery that don’t force us to play void form.

Here is my build for Dragon flight just shadow crash and apply dots once more blizzard gave up on this specc like searing nightmare was boring but now its not worth doing mind sear its more worth mind flaying main target and crashing adds like

come on blizzard are you sleeping? revert mind sear back like it is in shadowlands :stuck_out_tongue:

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That was my impression as well. The talent tree felt super messy, and we got too many buttons

Granted I haven’t done extensive aoe testing, from what I have tested
our aoe between crash spreading dots, spirits, psychic link, and deathspeaker into pain of death, our aoe felt okay’ish to me, and I’d imagine even better once things like our aoe based idols are fleshed out it’d feel even better(Idol of N’zoth), though perhaps not final, I agree.

I was thinking rather than a static channel like mind sear, it might be interesting
if devouring plague was given an aoe component, like spreading itself to nearby targets or something. It’d let us keep being mobile too, ather than having to stand still and channel. Could even flat out remove mind sear then.

And for those who enjoy the channelling style gameplay, could add an aoe component to pain of death, to affect mind flay: insanity to kind of work like sear(pain of death currently only really affects the deathspeaker portion of it’s above choice node). :thinking:

Yes. Really there are tons of buttons to use. Also Shadow Tree is too much crowded. And still SPs may not get what they want indeed because of lack of talent points.

Imo, some nodes should be 1 point instead of 2. And also some of talents should be merged. Like passive %5 damage increase can be put in a different talent.

For example each Mind Flay or Mind Blast increases your Shadow damage by %2.5 for 15 seconds. Stacks up to 2 or 3 times. Etc etc…

Or SP needs more merging talents/spells/passives like Unfurling Darkness.

Maybe 30 buttons SP needs to use now… Insane…

Remove mind flay and mind sear and play this m+ is dead for shadow tho we got no cleave they should make Nzoth proc on mind blast mind spike/mind flay instead.

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