Too mych gating

Unfortunately after a week, as a casual, I realized that I won’t continue playing after my 1 month sub end.
I find too much gating for runes and I feel I won’t be able to unlock my char tools before phase 2 starts.
As an example the beacon of light rune gated behind a rep that is loooong to raise (I’m 22 and not even friendly).
I realized that the game is not compatible with my gameplay times, but I’m sorry because I like it.


They really need to remove boxes being unique


Why not just move all the runes to content solable and that not need rep?
You should be able to unlock the potential of your toon.

Its it your Gameplay time? Or you wanna get everything without playing/effort? People in these forums seem to confuse these 2.


Im a casual player too, finding groups to get the runes is really easy, and you dont need to do every part in 1 day. Everyone is able to unlock his potential, but for that you need to play. Maybe thats your issue

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The dark iron ordinance/fish/shredders are actually purchasable, and if you do some max level quests, will easily have enough gold to purchase.

(do quest, buy thing).

The rep is a bit RNG and has some effort involved, but entirely soloable.

The boxes being unique is heinous.

I helped my friend get his warlock meta last night, only took two of us.

It really isn’t that bad, but if it is that bad for you, then play something else, yeah.

The issue is not time. I play 1 hour , sometimes 2 hours and not every day. And im enjoying the process, grouping with people, traveling to far places etc…These people just want everything here and now and of course everything be solable. Its the retail mentality.

I understand what you mean and I’m sorry that you feel this way. I think they have been very aggressive towards the progress of new specs for classes as it seems the tanking runes are by far the most difficult to get, which is counter productive imho, especially when you think of how hard it can be to get tanks. I would have thought they would have made the tanking specs the easiest so that more people could enjoy the group content without as much of a delay! Sadly not.
I do hope that they allow us enough time to discover the runes for ourselves, else it’s just going to be a “Google process” and not a discovery process. I guess this will be set during the 1st phase. To fast and they’ll just make SoD a esport to slow and people may get bored. I do hope that they make SoD a more casual game for people like yourself. Retail is great for the esport/youtube community. Something needs to be done for the RPG community imho.
I do hope that Blizzard do something that makes you change your mind and you get to enjoy the game again. :hugs:


In a way it is time, some people just don’t have the spare time to play this game, and that’s fine.
It’s a grind game.


I dont get it, why is something being hard to obtain, meaning you cant get it in 1 day, a problem for casual players. Im the definition of casual, and i left retail for that reason. Me being able to play 1 or 2 hours, doesnt mean i want to achieve everything in that play time. Thats not being a casual, but being lazy/impatient

I repeat, i also dont have time to play this game , that doesnt mean i want everything asap. Maybe just take it slowly?

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Which usually i would say is fine, but if you take this SoD slowly i think you’d miss out on the action tbh, being as the phases are very fast, less than 2 months for 25.

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Indeed so. I was hoping SoD was going to be a little different… I was looking forward to Pally or Warlock tanking but it’s locked behind either paying lots of gold for the expensive mats or rolling alts to farm them. I don’t mind the thought of farming them but, how much time do we have to do so? By the time I’ve rolled alts people may have moved on to new content and I’ll be left playing catch-up and not getting to enjoy the game. I’d like to enjoy the RP side and being less competitive but I fear this will be engineered out of the game at this stage. :frowning:

Why do you think that? I think 2 months is plenty of time even if you take It slowly like us. Like i sad before, i smell in all these arguments the retail mentality of getting things here and now. Been playing since 2007 and i know it well. The issue is not the game not being casual friendly. But the casual player that cant enjoy his slow journey

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I mean the no lifers have the game completed as of now in the matter of 2 days , a casual can utilize 2 days worth of gameplay within 2 months i think

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Vanilla wow and casual players are a great combination when the game has a shelf life of around 1 year+.
You can take your time, smell the roses.

If you do that in SoD you will likely only catch the back end of the current phase content and that is unusual for Vanilla wow, and the pace of the game does not lend itself towards 1-2 hours a night, a few nights a week, like standard vanilla or most casual games.

There isn’t usually a time limit on Vanilla WoW, but now there is, missing out on current level phases would be disappointing and the fomo will certainly factor into people not feeling like they are having fun.

For people like me who can put several hours a day, its great, but your average 5 hour a week andy is gonna struggle to hit 25 before end of phase.

Which is fair, they either have to accept they’ll miss the good part or stop playing, this kind of content isn’t friendly to low hour players.


As a casual I’m ok with not beaing able to max out my char, but I would like to unlock all potential and also be able to heal and or tank on my paladin because I feel I could be more useful to my group and also be able to improve my toon easily.


To be brutally honest with you mate, you are completely wrong, the rep is quite easy to get at max level, which are you not even at.

Don’t give up before even trying, thats lame.

The level10+ supplies give 500 or so rep per completed turn in at max level.

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I am on my way to unlock my last missing rune and I fully support the idea of runes being easier to get. If I would have wanted to play one class with one spec that would have been totally fine looking at the seasons time. But Runes being locked behind a certain difficulty (and I am also talking here about simply not fun to do like the supplies) in addition with having no dual spec or free respeccing is leaving a bad feeling and goes against of what I hoped for in season of discovery. I really was looking forward to level multiple characters and try multiple specs. But thinking about going through that all over again kinda demotivates me.

In conclusion: Key abilities shouldn’t be locked behind high cost or difficulty walls. Create new gear to strive for and raids to conquer but don’t let people struggle to get abilities that define the new playstyle of the class.

Also I think the ratchet quests and the rep grind are amazingly uninspired… there is no relation to the abilities people gain.

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