TOOA: Horde PvE community for casual players

One of the new features introduced with BFA is the revamped "Guild & Communities" interface which allows one to create and join a community of players outside ones guild or group of friends.

We are small guild of 'older' players who tend to be active later in the evening and in Legion we used to raid regularly by forming PUGs through the group-finder but we feel that the new communities features provides a better way to network with other like-minded players in-game, without having to share ID or having to manage friends list.

To this end, we have created "The Order of Azeroth" - a community for casual players who are active later in the evening and who are looking for a friendly/relaxed setting in which to explore PvE content of WoW, without the unpleasantness that sometimes accompany PUGs formed through the group finder.

Interested in doing instances and maybe raids, but don't want to leave your guild? Tend to be active later in the evening? Dread the prospect of having to find a PUG through group finder? Solo-player but would like the odd-company for instances? If so, we would like to invite you to join us!

Look for one of us from <The Silversong Order> in game and we can send you an invite.

We would also be interested to hear from those who would be interested in taking part in building/managing the community with us.

We don't have any plans to set any rules or schedules at this juncture but we can consider that as and when the community grows.
I came looking for just this thread topic! Is there any update on how this initiative is going?

Is it like an alliance of smaller guilds or just individuals?

It is going rather slowly but we’re still at it. At the moment, it’s a handful of regular raiders from our guild, mixed with others from random guilds who joined the community. It’s more like a network of friendly PUGs, raiding once a week.