Tooltip damage wrong Frost PvP

Several of our abilities for Frost Death Knight in PvP has plain wrong damage on tooltips, unless I am missing some crucial part of how damage is calculated (and on the PvP training dummy).

As far as I know, physical damage on NPCs is reduced by 30%, would be 30% armor, and can be seen on Obliterate (non KM proc) that says ~52k, but hits for 34k on the target dummy.

Then you have Frost Strike, which is frost damage, and that also hits 30% less than the tooltip (my guess here would be that it’s not only physical that is reduced, but all “melee” attacks?). But then again, Obliterate with the KM proc does the damage it is supposed to (tooltip said 34k with KM proc up (which is 60% less than 54k or whatever it was at at that moment normally, and with 65% mastery, and crit (+50% pvp) it did right below 90k), and Obliterate with KM proc is a frost melee hit (frost strike much?) and is not reduced by 30%.

Then you have Remorseless Winter, says 54k over 8 seconds, but actually does 32k, this is a magic ability that “drains” the life, no melee, no physical, pure frost, does far blow what it says. In PvE (on pve target dummy), it says 17k on tooltip and does 17k without any crits exactly. So in PvP the tooltip is plain wrong.

The tooltips just shows wrong, completely wrong.
Edit: was supposed to post this on my dk but became a warrior.

I am not sure for other classes, but our tooltips being “stealth nerfed” and downright not showing has been a thing for a long time, back in BFA or so ALL of our abilities had hidden modifiers that never was made clear in PvP. Death strike being completely gutted for example. and has never returned to full effecitvenns even today.

it’s blizz, thats how itis

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