Toon Raiders - Mature/Social Guild for all content

Hello :grinning:

Toon Raiders is a relatively new, mature, social guild which has already acquired an active and decently numbered player pool.
Our main focus is being a community which progress through all forms of content the game offers whether it being Raid, Mythic+ or PVP whilst also adding in our own community/social events throughout the week.
Our current Calendar is as followed;

Mondays 8PM(server) 11pm - Heroic Progressive Raid team, currently through to 7/10 HC

Tuesdays - Currently a day off from any events

Wednesday (reset) 8PM(server) - 10:30PM - Open Castle Nathria raid for ALL guild members which reach the ilvl 170 requirement, regardless of skill level or ability. This is a relaxed environment lead by one of our officers for people who don’t want to dedicate to progressive raiding and just want to give it a try.

Thursday 8PM(server) -11PM - Prog raid HC Raid run - Start of HC run from server reset for those in the progressive raiding team.

Friday 8PM(server) - 9:30PM - Level 10 Footrace/Find me if you can - A social event put together by our guild leader where any interested toons must make a level 10 Character of that weeks class choice and we race on foot to different checkpoints throughout the continents. To make things even better, swap blasters are allowed.
Alternatively, the find me if you can involves a series of riddles you need to solve relating to NPCs through the different regions.

Saturdays 8PM(server) - 9:30PM - Rated Battlegrounds for people interested in pvp, we have a team running lower CR brackets currently hoping to gain for more PVP enthused players to join.

Sunday 8PM(server) - 10:30PM - Continuation of chilled Castle Nathria, the raid leader will want a slightly more focused/progress approach and isn’t as open as the Wednesday raid, but is still more available to many and those he selects.

In addition to everything listed, we run Mythic dungeons up to 15+ throughout the week and therefor do not have a set day for it.
Bi weekly, we run Transmog and Mount run events for anyone who would like to join and when timewalking comes around, we have an event for running the current raid at that time, available to all.

We have a very active, social and friendly discord which has all of our guild rules if you would like to consider joining and if so, please feel free to ask for the discord link.
I’d like to reiterate this is a mature/social guild which is accepting to all members and any form of prejudice is not welcome.

Hope to have some responses,
ToonRaiders - Magtheridon