Torghast bugged?

am in a group for togast, and we get kicked out after the first minute in both lower and upper level 8 and it seems to be happening to many others… anyone else know why this is happening?


It happened to me too.

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Looks like its broken atm


same here kicked after 30s

yes, it is.

Yes its bugged lots of people from my guild are having the same issue’s

Can’t help but laugh at this message when playing solo.


Yup me too… 3 times in a row on the first trash pack.

it only happends in start?
to be kicked on floor 17 would suck

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Same issue here. Worked fine around 9am but now it’s broken. Zone in, get ‘removed from group’ and kicked out. Zone in again, now I’m on floor 5 (!) and seconds later kicked again.

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Same. All three ‘wings’ boot me out as ‘removed from the group’ after less than a minute, and I’m going in solo.

i think we’re still in beta guys! Torghast and the new twisting dungeon is insta booting us out! WHY ALWAYS THE EU!?

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Guess the other thread wasn’t enough?

yes it bugged atm, everyone who enters gets teleported back outside infront of the portal…

same problem here also, torghast is completely broken it seems :frowning:

Omg Blizz “1 more topic” kicked out of Thorgast. Can you make anything that works really?

:pirate_flag: arrr

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Arvast me matey

How dare you compare this mess with actual working private servers

Two out of three bosses in the new LFR section were unreachable for the players on the US.

Blizzard quality.

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