Torghast: can't progress more than L1 or L2

Can’t progress further. My luck is I wait for tank and or healer in group half day just to know group I’m is wiped because of death counts and being disbanded, or players just leaving cause they are bored etc (I’ll try to stay polite here and not call names).
Cool, if you are self healing class which can solo and if you are not – progress stopped.
Not being able to pick new players to join torghast premade groups runs in their middle makes, I wager, a lot of players stuck in low layers which makes it unfair play (just because they are not tanks and not healers they are stuck). It’s nearly impossible to find decent tank/healer or it takes too long time when everybody in group already bored just for waiting.
Look I am not looking for carry, I know what I do.
All I look for is for fair game for everybody’s abilities
All I am asking for is for automated LFG system, like any other instances has
(Death count also questionable, because while one players does everything they can not to die, other players die and die, and die – it should be only as option imo, option to choose if one wants with it, or without it)
Because now it’s just a mess

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