Torghast Twisting Corridors level 6 and onward feels impossible solo

Hard stuck on level 6 until I got a boost by a tank friend, which I nearly failed still as mobs on floors 14 and up just oneshot me.

I’d tried level 6, seven times before he helped me out. Damage feels perfectly fine solo and you can kill stuff pretty speedily, but by the time you hit level 13+ the mobs you’re facing just annihilate you in a split second. Am I doing something totally wrong? or is it just really difficult for WW monks later on? Don’t feel like I’ll ever clear level 7 or 8 by myself currently.

I rarely seem to get any stam boosts from powers, and the other defensive powers still feel lackluster. Even when I’ve got lucky and have 100k+ hp, an elite will shred through my karma in a single hit.

Get the power that makes you immune to damage for 1 second per yard rolled whenever you enter a new floor. This + some other powers made level 8 quite easy.

Get the roll power, have 4-5 rolls, have 2 minutes of immunity on each new floor.

Ey bud do it as brewmaster thats the only way.
This will save a lot of cry and time for you.

Brewmaster is indeed easiest. Make sure you take the Corrosive Dosage power whenever you can.

MW and WW is very doable, but BRM is easier.

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I did it as windwalker @ 200ilvl with no dps lego (i wanted that 2x flying serpent kick to run to the floor guard while immune stack mobs and aoe), not sure if as brew would actually be easier, but anyway. What my plan was, for 7-8 only because up to 6 was faceroll, reroll first layer till i get fractured and try get at 2nd floor. Then as you said corrosive and as much hp possible together with immune roll x6. But i believe Cilice of Denathrius was the faceroll maker there. 15% hp/dmg per floor -5% hp, make that x16 floors, epic. I had corrosive tick 1.1m at 18 boss.

Up to 6 i did that max hp cleave touchofdeath spam.

with 6 rolls and a 7th roll at ability reload u get a full 2,5m-3m per floor, 2m is low :smiley:


Interesting, I kinda always passed on the immune for roll for some reason, maybe I’ve been reading the tooltip wrong. I’ll give those a whirl! Thanks for the info!

Well, thanks folks!! Just smashed through Level 7 of twisting with your advice for the roll/immunity one! Last boss was close and killed with approx 3 secs left of immunity, made a couple of mistakes in floor 16 and thought I’d messed it up.

The roll/torpedo CD doesn’t reset between floors so I managed to enter the floor with only two available but raced to the end boss and got him to 20%, fortunately he was fighting other mobs so his HP didn’t reset so just managed to blast him. You guys are amazing! Hopefully do level 8 tomorrow or later tonight!

Thanks all :slight_smile:

Hey, I just found this post. Currently, my gear is 195 ilvl. I have done the first 5 layers as BM with the HP + Touch of Death + Corrosive Dosage build. I must say it gets harder on higher layers. I think I could do one more but layers 7 and 8 will be very hard or even impossible.

Reading about Ever-Tumbling Stone, I can see we have 30 secs per floor to stuck/increase immunity, that is why Chi torpedo seems a great talent there. I still don’t understand two things: (1) can you manage to get to the final boss with the immunity–it’s only a number of secs per floor, (2) do you skip everything else, kill boss and then get back for the rest on the same floor. I also read about Tumbling Rollstone so I guess it increases a number of torpedos and I’ll take it there is no limit on a number of this power.

Cilice of Denathrius seems very risky. If you get it on the first floor, you have only 10% health left on the 18th floor.

What do you mean by that?

You want to reset the dungeon till you get fractured chambers first. That way u achieve two things. First, the level 6 boss does not have any buffs (since the tower debuff is summon 1 mob when not in combat) and second, if u buy the Ravenous Anima Cell at first shop and use it at the appropriate mob for Marrow Scooper, skeletons drop 10x phantasma. That way at level 6 floor u can buy all the shop (you end up with like 1600 if im not mistaken phantasma just from floor 4+5.


You are supposed to build 6 x rolls + 1 extra via cooldown reset. Thats enough for 2,5 min immune. That’s the baseline of monk build. After that, you can either go to a full 0 sec touch of death cleave 5 mobs and stack all the 45% + 15% hp + 100% hp rats, even the 100% hp and getting rooted (epic so rare tbh). You can also do that cilice build and stack vivify dot damage and aoe delete all floor, or you can try the build with high ST dmg with arcane shots after you critical + shadow damage on critical etc.

It’s versatile, just the baseline is 2,5min immune per floor.

Verrá you have a 30sec WINDOW in which you have to STACK as much possible the buff from roll, i think its pretty obvious? :stuck_out_tongue: First 30sec in the floor spam 5-6 rolls + after 15-20 sec when first one gets reload hit one more. That way u get 2,5min immune.

Go in with Chi torpedo, get animas: ever-tumbling stone, celerity, 4x extra roll. Set.

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Hmm, if it was obvious to me, I wouldn’t waste anyone’s time. Anyway, I managed to work it out and test.

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Hey everyone. Just one more post here because I also would like to thank every one for all the helpful comments. I just finished Layer 7 in TC while I was running the build with the immunity on rolls and +damage/-health from Cilice of Denathrius.
I managed to pick Denathrius quite early on the 4th floor. I’ve got all Corrosive Dosage, quite a few health %, multiple haste, crit, and increased healing powers and Floors 16 and 17 were just run on speed as I did not need any extra powers.

I did not realise that CDs are not reset on the next floor and it turned out I had only 3 on the last floor consequently ended up having only 35 secs of immunity. But with Denathrius I managed to kill the boss pretty fast :slight_smile: Now layer 8 aways. Cheers!

Thank you for your suggestions. Finally soloed Layer 8 TC. Combo of 2 immunities worked.

Yeh, when I did Layer 7 after about floor 14 I just zoomed straight to the end of floor boss and killed him and everything that followed me with corrosive dosage.

For layer 8 I ended up going BM with a hunter friend and facerolled most of it with corrosive and then by the later floors I had about 600k hp so could just ToD everything. The end boss was a bit tougher as I misstimed my fort brew so couldn’t ToD the boss but we managed it eventually.

Cilice would’ve been awesome if you can get immuity earlier on as you’ll be doing crazy damage by the end of it so it shouldn’t matter about your HP as you’ll just wreck everything.

Best of luck with layer 8!

Thanks. I have not been able to complete Layer 8. I cannot get right powers. I always end up with the health less than 160k. I have no idea how you managed to get 600k! Even though I have 5 stacks of Corrosive Dosage including powers buffing healing, Crit. Mastery and Versa, the damage seems still too low for end bosses on floors 14 and higher.

100% from rats + 100% Roots of the Dreamtree + maybe 12* 15% hp + full deathtouched brew, I have done like 310k hp as dps, maybe 600k is as tank, but again cilice/immune/vivify/some hp is better. Also use the haste on celestial lego over the touch of death. You get 2 uses inside the immune window.

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TC L6, Floor 14?! HAH those are rookie numbers, try getting 1 shotted @ L1 floor 16. Now THAT … is embarasing :smiley:


I know. This one is the killer but it’s very hard to get.

It’s lovely when the game gives these powers to you.

Sucks when you get to floor 16 and haven’t seen a hp buff anywhere along the way.

Yep, that was pretty much it! First time I’d seen that roots of dreamtree before. It certainly made the later levels a breeze as mobs barely put a dent in my hp and could just clear most of the incoming damage with brews