Torn between Rogue and DH for the next tier

Returning player, as you can see I haven’t played in a while.

I’m familiar with both specs, but i understand both are getting reworks in 10.2, rogue more-so than DH which is mostly just getting a bit of a shake-up/tuning pass.

With that said, I’d like to get back into the game and raid next tier, and I’m finding myself unable to settle on either of these, I’ve been leveling them both up using the timewalking buff this week, got them both to 60 relatively fast, but i just want to get some more opinions before i commit.

Should also mention I plan to do some casual pvp (mostly BG’s, maybe some solo shuffle) and M+ with the guild.

I’m open to other classes as well, though I’d prefer to stick to melee DPS.

I gotta tell you, you are pretty unlikely to get am informed answer here.

You could try to search for WoW 10.2 class changes on YouTube.

Or you could checj out the Class Discords to see what people are saying:

Ravenholdt (Rogues)

The Fel Hammer (DH)

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