Toxicity in Guild Chat

Very recently my guild Had a long time member start acting weirdly and toxic, our guildies have no idea how to approach him or fix the problem, he is calling everyone in the guild trash at the game, he has left
before but keeps coming back and gets welcomed in to the guild very well. If you had a problem like this one, what would you do?

I’d kick and not invite back, simple as that. You act bad once, get warned. Do it again, get kicked. It should be game over then. I might give them a second chance (much) later, but if the same problems persist, then just boot him and stop inviting him back.

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I have to agree with Tinkspring here Magicum. The problem you describe sounds like a management problem in your guild.
You could either try to fix that problem together with the guild’s management or separate ways I think.

In the end it’s about the kind of leadership your guild chooses to maintain and that can suit you or perhaps it does not suit you.

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