TR farming = Which way is fastest for farming TR?

Hello everyone,

During my time playing BFA, my main goal has been to farm TR (Titan residuum) so I can gear up faster. A couple of weeks ago, I saw someone buying epic azerite armor, from a unspecified vendor in Nazjatar. I tried buying epic gear, and then returning to the scrap-o metic shredder in Zuldazar. Apparently I don’t get TR. Why’s that just the case? I’m LF for some advanced answers, so please feel free to inform me. I’m playing a goblin death knight, and my item lvl is currently 462 (Seeking to reach ilvl (470-475)
I’ve done many WQ (including azerite caches) and I recently looted Titan residuum from weekly challengers bounty. My first question is: Do most players do Ny’alotha, or Uldir just to loot azerite gear from bosses so that they scrap it? Is that how people tend to get faster TR? If so, how likely will gear loot drop?

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