Trading Post – All Item Purchases Are Temporarily Non-Refundable

Why am I not suprised it was you who typed this :rofl:

Lost 750 Traders Tenders when trying to buy the pet, told me there was a server error and to try again I got the pet at the second attempt but it took 750 the first.
This is not like Blizz to have something new not working on day one, is it???

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You already did 1000 points? :exploding_head:

why not use the PTR build instead of trying to keep adding stuff to live. u did it with the launch of the xpac. the ptr and beta builds had so many fewer issues to them but no. nothing from the ptr and beta seemed to have been put into live. never does. its like we use the ptr and beta to help find n fix issues but for some reason u never use their data. u put some half baked coding into live instead that wasnt tested and always cause issues. just use the stuff in the ptr n copy it over as u know that works better!!!


boring for you, pretty awesome for others - simple like that
maybe next month there is something in for you

Fingers crossed.

But I’m a little frustrated now, because I’ have finished the monthly bar, but I can’t get the reward mount because the Chest is locked :frowning:

Took about an hour to do, wasn’t so bad.

Kinda interesting how one month of content can be done in a few hours.

Because less player play there. Less players means less bugs identified.

Some bugs just get discovered when shipping the update live. No matter if it is WoW or any other online game.

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They put it up to the PTR.

So how it’s saying I’ve unlearned the tender currency? I got 500 for the chest then I did the quest for another 500? Total amount 500… I want my mace

I see it being hotfixed in couple of hours.

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It’s not meant to last you the whole month, just to make you log in every month and partake in some activities at a minimum level during that month, it’s to keep people subbed and have them do something outside afking in Orgrimmar.


I just logged in and couldnt click that chest so it is maintenance when it is out? It is unbelievable and unacceptable!

That’s what you get for jumping on new feature in first few seconds after release. Years spent with Blizzard should have taught you better.

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when are you going to re-enable the whole thing???

Better question is, WHEN are they putting up an anti-toy wall/area there???


I figured people might try to be as annoying as possible, so I corgi-goggled them.


Mind telling me where I can get those glasses too?