Trading post finished, no mount or tender

As title says, finished the Traders Post monthly bits, can’t open the chest to get the Tender or the mount, it’s non clickable.

what gives?

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i think you get in affter this month end? idk

Nah because there’s people with it all now.

I just finished my log. Got 800 tenders, and no mount. The log seem to have gone back to zero as well when I look.

yeah same Problem. no Mount. When i relog sometimes i can refill the bar, sometimes it shows as finished


how long is the wait for the mount? 4.2. i finished the traiding post set but the reward (Ash’adar) and i still don’t see it anywhere. thanks for the reply

Nothing to see here, just Blizzard being Blizzard.

As others have reported, I’ve just completed the Traveler’s Log, 1,000 points earned and no Traders Tender rewards nor a mount available to collect! Doesn’t help to be told that Blizzard have “identified an issue that’s preventing players from receiving Trader’s Tender and Ash’adar rewards from the Traveler’s Log” and that they’ll fix it sometime in the future!

As for the “We do not believe any credit or progress has been lost, and we believe that the expected rewards should in your Collector’s Cache once the bug is fixed.” well no, I just don’t believe you Blizzard! The Trading Post has just been a broken, buggy mess since day one, but maybe in about 18-24 months it might actually be working properly!

same issue… fixy fixy please

The journal’s still resetting for me, and i did not receive any tenders.

I don’t see any progress made on the issue.

I’m having the same problem, I hope it gets better, I finished the contract, but nothing came.

I had 900 coins yesterday and today I have none.
Plus, I have finished the track and no mount yet.

i got coins but no mount, since yesterday, and they say it’s been fixed??