Trading post hunter set ewwwww

The new harpoon gun shoots bullets.
Instant regrets.

Hunter sets are in general not very well designed ever… (sorry Hunter designer at Blizz if you are reading this) :sweat_smile:

For some reason we always get these weird “Classic + Retail hybrids”, where there are 3D designs on the mog, but also “spots” with muddy or bland textures… Or we get something that looks “tribal”, like the Trading Post set… :sweat_smile:

In general… I think mail armor is primarily 2D paint, slapped on a smooth surface… and because “it’s mail”, meaning leather + metal, they make these ooooodd muddy color/pattern designs…

Doesn’t mean there are some really cool pieces there… but they are far between. :sweat_smile:

The Kyrian mail sets are a rare exception, at least for Alliance players.

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