Trading post hunter set ewwwww

why is it every other classes transmog set from the trading post look great I have been looking forward to finally getting a hunter one for quite sometime shaman and mage one this month look amazing so why does hunter one look terrible worst one of any class so far whoever designed this needs to try harder if it didn’t have arrow attached to the shoulder i could have swear it looks like a leather druid set.


i threw up in my mouth when i saw the hunter “set”, absolutely rancid


Blizzard really don’t know how dress us Hunters…
Obvious from looking at our tier sets, with Eagletalon being the ultra rare exception.

It amazes me how the designer seem to not play the game and check what players are using for transmog. Rarely anyone using any of the tier sets…

Sadly the Eagletalon set remains the pinnacle of Hunter transmog three expansions after Legion.

I had hope for the Trading Post weapons, especially the spear and then I saw how it sits on your back when sheathed. SMH. At least I get to save my Tendies for this month.

aye eagletalon is pleasing to the eye but in my opinion pinnacle of hunter transmogs sets is the one from mop challenge mode dungeons why can’t we get more sets like that

Horrible set, especially looking from the back - the rastafari style and all that. Absolutely horrible

I always forget to include the Challenge mode set, only because I don’t have it myself which I regret to this day.

Horrible set

Blizz have no idea what to do with Hunter transmogs, we will always get the awful looking armour bar the rare one Eagletalon…

hahaha s***s to be you guys, i absolutly loved the set. cry some more your tears are delicious <3

Did you really like the rastas on the back? Initially I thought the set would be good by just looking at the screenshots, but when I saw it on my characted from the back I hated it immediately.

Also, I’m confused why “our tears are delicious”. Does it make you happy when others are unhappy?

That mog though. :grimacing:

Wow, I didn’t think that people actually acted this infantile on forums, the set is crap you like it great but to say other people being upset by it is a great thing says more about your mentality than anyone elses.


honestly its pretty common on game forums for people to act like 5 year olds but in opiih’s case he also have awful taste :smiley: that set was ugly already in tbc the remake didn’t improve it …

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you do realise we are talking about the hunter “set” from trading post and not ToS t6 remake right?

Blizzard has never got mail mogs right, makes me wonder if we should just wear leather and be done with it.

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There is no reason for Hunters or Shaman to be wearing mail armor. My guess is they didn’t want so many classes competing for leather armor so they lumped those two in with mail instead.

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I absolutely agree I get more of a Ranger vibe from alot of leather armour, I think slotting hunters into mail was an initial design mistake.

It’s rather telling that the old recruit a friend transmog looks great on hunters, mostly because it looks like leather

For clarity I mean this one:

h ttps://

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I’m hoping in TWW that we will get more decent looking Ranger sets rather than these bestial ones.