Trading Post issues

I had completed this months goal but I still had a few things I wanted to unlock since I was missing points so I continued on and noticed I was no longer getting Trader’s Tenders… is this intended? Did I fudge myself because I looted the chest this month?

I thought this was a bug at first like last month, and would fix itself after reset, but the issue persists. And if the above stands then the game should CLEARLY tell you that if you “if you open this chest, then you can longer buy things this month” or something along those lines.

You get max of 1000 tenders per month. 500 from just doing the quest while having active subscription, 500 extra for doing activities in the log.

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I’ve only spent about 900 this month while still sitting at 675 even though I’ve completed several tasks since then. I should have around 1200 give or take from the tasks I’ve completed during these past 2 weeks.

If you have completed the Traveler’s Log (you can see the progress in the adventure guide) then you have already received the max amount of Tender’s this month. Extra tasks will not give you more tendies once the log is fully completed.

And it is also possible to do part of the Log, loot some of the tenders and then finish the log and loot rest of them. No need to wait for it to fully complete.

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Okay… that explains it, and thanks for sharing!

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