Trading Post - Known Issues and Updates

There are some issues that have affected the Trading Post and we wanted to provide an update along with where we are at in resolving them.

  • Sometimes the completion credit for activities in the Traveler’s Log are resetting. We believe we have found the cause of this issue and are looking to have this resolved this week.
  • With the upcoming restarts, we are looking to restore the Trader’s Tender currency for players who made a double purchase of the same item from the Trading Post.
  • For players who made a Trading Post purchase and didn’t receive the item they purchased, we are still working on this issue and aim to have it resolved later this week.
  • Some players who complete the Traveler’s Log are not receiving the Ash’adar mount reward immediately in their chest at the Trading Post. We aim to have this resolved this week.

We will share more details as they are finalized. Thank you for your understanding.


When my friends ask me what I do for a living I just tell them I’m a Quality Assurance Engineer at Blizzard.
The only difference is that I’m paying them 13 EURO per month for this once in a lifetime opportunity.


Thanks for the update! Im looking through the US forum and they didnt seem to have any problem with the trading post at all so something must have gone terribly wrong but whats important is that we know you are gonna fix it so no one (me) have to panic

I bet youre missing those 800 QA people you fired.


Well known issue 1000 out of 1000.000 Dragon flight is one big issue with so many bugs


Seeing so many bugs in DF just makes me alt+f4 daily after not even an hour of play, this is so bad


Ay, don’t :poop: on the Community managers. They are only doing their jobs. If you want to :poop: on Blizzard, blame the CEOs


I don’t discriminate, I :poop: on everyone equally. In 2023 everyone must be treated equally!!


At least you are honest :wink:

Edit: Also Blizzard, I neither got tender from the box nor the log. I hope that tender gets send post-fix to me.

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Christ, will you just test your content before releasing it? If you’re having issues getting people involved offer incentives for good bug reports, it’s becoming a joke at this point.


+1 for communicating to the players.


Lets release something new and cool, have them grind for it.
Then when they are half way there, lets reset their points.

Great system. 10/10


They fired support and communty people not QA, pretty sure it’s already been years since Blizzard is outsourcing QA anyway.

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I bet you’re the type of person that rants at retail workers when a price goes up, even though it’s not their fault & they have nothing to do with those decisions.

Regarding the bugs, I had 350 tenders left yesterday, completed the logs for 400 tenders, I open the chest today and only got 300 in it eventho my logs still say 400.

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Hey, Blizzard its not bugged only this btw…also revival Catalyst quest…same issue not getting progress or losing it…fix it…

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As an avid fan of Heroes of the Storm, I know that a good chunk of those who were fired were people who worked on that game including its entire eSports department. I’m sick and tired of people appropriating that to their own agenda against Blizzard.

I’ve still got the “haven’t received the item after purchase, but lost currency issue”, but also:

For the monthly achievement, I’ve got 3/12 credit already. I don’t know what triggered it, but it’s definitely NOT an intentional exploit, please don’t do anything silly like banning.

I would appreciate it if you also add Reverting the activity progress (aka checked as DONE). I have completed 98% of the bar, lost all progress, all currency and yet the tasks are still marked as DONE so I cannot even complete them again. I do not wanna go around completing tasks that I do not do / do not interest me because of game bugs … I shouldn’t be bottled necked into doing PVP or whatever else because if spaghetti code. Thank you.


Game isnt that bad. Stop being so dramatic. It’s actually quite pathetic.

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