Trading Post Monthly Reward not showing?


I just wondered if anyone’s having the same issue as I am regarding the monthly reward from the trading post, with this month being the Ash’adar, Harbringer of Dawn.

It said on my adventure guide that this was ready to collect from the trading post after obtaining the required amount of points however when I’ve gone to open it, it’s given me tender points and not the mount? When I go back on my adventure guide it say’s my rewards have been collected for this month.

It isn’t in my bag or my collections so I’m a little confused. I’m hoping this is just an update issue and I receive it tomorrow, but just in case I thought I’d try the forums to see if anyone’s had the same problem? Let me know.


Im also having this issue, not getting the last cirrency or mount

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Having same issue. Plus a friend lost all her progress at 850 points and now it says that all her rewards have been collected, but she got bugger all. Sigh… Why can’t things just work?

Same the mount is not showing anywhere and to add insult to it all you know the 1year long Achievement it’s still on 0/12 even though in game it says I have already collected this months blah blah and I already clicked the chest to receive my tender.

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I have the same problem. I wrote a request for help. let’s see what it says

it reset for me, and i dont have any points, even tho i finished all of it, im going to org to check, im literally shaking XD
all completed, still no mount…

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