Trading post no currency and journal disabled

I have no currency on my currency tag. Trading post vendor says I have uncollected currency in cache and adventurer’s journal. The collectors cache opens when I click on it but gives me no currency. The trading post tab of the adventurer’s journal is disabled.

Also, how do I raise a ticket? I went backwards and forwards through the in-game support feature and could not find how to raise a ticket, hence posting here.

Try staying logged out of the game for 15 minutes, then come back. If that doesn’t work, enter any instanced content and try again.

If you want to submit a bug report about this you can do so ingame. I expect it’s on the QA/Devs radar though as it’s a widespread impact issue. CS doesn’t handle bug reports and will not be able to assist.

Thanks for your help. So from what you say, they have discontinued the in-game ticketing system, where you would raise a ticket and a GM would contact you in game. Pity, that was a quite helpful feature of the game!

You can still raise a ticket for certain issues, though being contacted ingame I’m not sure - only if they require more info that isn’t better supplied in a ticket.