Transfer Aborted: instance not found

Since last night (for almost 12 hours now) while trying to enter Siege of Orgrimmar and Mogu’shan Vaults i get the “Transfer Aborted: instance not found” message. I tried all your suggestions and nothing worked!

What you suggest:

This message can result from corrupted user interface or AddOn files. To resolve:
Temporarily disable AddOns from the in-game menu and restart the game
If the issue persists, [reset the World of Warcraft user interface]

Completely exit World of Warcraft.
Uninstall any addon managers to make sure they don’t re-add your removed addons.
In the Blizzard desktop application, click Options (the cogwheel next to Play button) and select Show in Explorer (Windows®) or Reveal in Finder (Mac®).
Open the World of Warcraft® folder.
Open the folder for the game version you’re troubleshooting (retail, classic_era, or classic)
Rename the Cache, Interface, and WTF folders to CacheOld, InterfaceOld, and WTFOld.
Re-launch World of Warcraft so the changes can take effect.

Advanced Troubleshooting
If you continue to have errors, an addon or macro may have changed a console variable. You can reset this by typing the following command into your in-game chat box and pressing enter. You may receive a permission error, but the command will still work.
/console cvar_default

Yes I did all that!
Dozens of players have the same issue at least since last night that I am outside the SoO entrance.
Planning to solve is or you’ll tell me to reset my router?


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