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I hope this is the right place to do this :slight_smile:
I’m wondering if there is a possibility to transfer my character from EUen Gehennas to EUen Dreadmist. By the high queue times in the beginning, many friends got devided and find themselves on different realms now. We are trying to find a way back together. I know i could just make a new character on Dreadmist but unfortunately i am already 60 on Gehennas. I think this is a reasonable request as Gehennas is the most populated server of them all and asking to leave it, for a less populated server, should be in favor of everyone. Dreadmist on the other hand never even had a queue to my knowledge.



It has 4 realms to go to.


i think you missed my point. i know there are realms i can transfer to, but Dreadmist isn’t an option and that’s where my friends play.


GMs dont read these forums unfortunately


I dont think there ever be a possibility to transfer to that realm for free when there are at least 4 or even more realms which have lower population. You should start a new character or wait for paid transfer which no one know when will happen. I am certain it will take a couple of months or even a year until we see paid transfer.


That realm has transfers going off it to the same realms as your realm, you can all pick a new realm to go to and meet up there, they aren’t gonna give you atransfer to a realm they want people to transfer off.

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