Transfering out but to where? Realm getting more toxic, imbalanced & breaking immersion + RP

On the character select screen - press the ‘shop’ button

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Sorry i disagree. We cant put all the blame on blizzard. Its not blizzards job to restrain everybody to the point that it is impossible to be without decency.

Players are to blame as well. Farming other players like they are furbolgs is pathetic and weak. Sure kill all enemies while passing, but this “coordinated camping” is just ridiculously sad.

People have forgotten the meaning of fun and now prefer to “farm” status symbols to compensate their lack of swag.

I spit on those that justify their pathetic behaviour by blaming blizzard and the honor system. Theres only honor in your actions if you have the choice between doing the right or wrong.

Peace weakass biches


In real azeroth they wouldnt have access to all of the enemies plans. That isnt a story of a guild happening to pass by, thats the story of literal aholes. Lul the things people justify nowadays.

Btw id like to add that i dont mind the warzones, i literally enjoy the chaos everywhere, it causes hardships and seals friendships. Its great to build a strongwilled community.

But im not going out of my way to ruin other peoples fun just to compete in a rather meaningless and pathetic competition of who can camp a graveyard longer.

This is not pleasant for the 45+ lvl character. Its true that Horde needs It’s about 10 death to geting solo to the BRD BTW)
Thats why our clan protect and help our members and everyone seen around. You clans should do the same. Just stay in the dungeon get max lvl and go for wpvp )
Yay - that realy nice weekend) thats why most of our clan members did PvP spec.
I’m hold in tank still ))) but did a lot kills this weekend.

On Saturday, we held the defense in Kargat, after raid formed we patrolled along the Black Rock Mountain and kill on sight. Yesterday, with a small team, we captured a aliance ship and raised a black flag! We held the ship for several hours until a raid was raised against us.

about – All that Roleplay chating /crying “Warlords” on his 10th lvls ))) - just leave server away. You are don’t know realy HOW to play RP. You are never will be sheld or Axe of the Horde. All you can - just wine in forums and cry in the Orgry.

Stop roleplay chating! Start roleplay gaming.

PS^ thanks and respect guild Lost for assisting on the ship.

What the f did I just read?


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