Transferred the alt, and locked the main due to mailbox issue timed or transfer restriction

I have been trying to transfer my character from thekal to jin’do for several hours now, first it said I can’t because of a phantom mail, now when the issue is solved jin’do is not listed. the problem is i’ve already transferred one of my character to jin’do. So please transfer my second character or if that is not possible at least bring my character back, since i dont want to play in 2 deferent servers.

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A reversal is not possible. You’ll have to wait until a FCM or utilise a PCT.

The PCT is not available to Jindo

Hey Dedodruid,

Free Character Transfers are always opened with an appeal to use them as soon as possible together with the expectation that they may be closed with no warning once the objective of the transfer path has been achieved.

I’m sorry you got caught in the middle with some of your characters, but I’m afraid it’s not something we’ll be able to assist with.

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I am also caught in the middle as my alt was transferred but couldn’t transfer my main because of the mail issue, why is this not an exception since it is an issue from your end and could’ve transferred both of them yesterday. I couldn’t even pay you to transfer it back at the least.
plus, I really don’t know why you closed the transfer since thekal is absolutely unplayable at the moment with the constant lags and server disconnect

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