Transmog Normal Amidrassil

Could someone kindly help me figure out the best way to get normal raid transmog set for Amidrassil?

I haven’t used any of my transformation charges, just came back to the game. Really want the DK set on Normal.

I’m guessing I could do low M+ keys to get low ilvl gear and then use the catalyst but is there a faster or another way? Or maybe how to combine all methods to do it more efficiently before I run out of time (new season coming soon)

Thanks in advance!

You will need ilevel 454-463 items.

Revival Catalyst can be used to convert the following types of Mythic+ gear into Tier Set pieces:

  • PvP Gear (Ranked / Unranked / Epic War Mode Gear);
  • Veteran Rank PvE Gear (Loot from Mythic Dungeons / Amirdrassil Raid Loot/ Loot from Dragonflight World Bosses/PvE Outdoor Gear).
  1. Revival Catalyst Item Level Break Points in Dragonflight Season 3

The appearance of converted items will depend on their item level. Here are the item level breakpoints for transmog collectors:

Item level 444-450 items will have Raid Finder appearance.
Item level 454-463 items will have Normal difficulty appearance.
Item level 467-476 items will have Heroic difficulty appearance.
Item level 480+ items will have Mythic difficulty appearance.
Upgraded Bloody Tokens PvP gear (item level 411) converts to Normal difficulty appearance.
Non-upgraded Bloody Tokens gear cannot be converted.

You can get those from M+ 9-15, or from the three weekly quests in Emerald Dream and then upgrade them


I can use PvP gear as well? bloody tokens pvp gear?

All I know about that is in the page I linked:

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