Transmog question :same class,different faction


Hi everyone,i have a question about the transmog items
I have a dwarf paladin 120 level and i trying to start from zero with a tauren paladin too now.
So my question is : the transmog that i have with the dwarf paladin will appair unloked for my tauren paladin???


Just create horde paladin and go to appearances and look if you have it unlocked, no matter what is the level restriction, just look if it’s unlocked.


I will do it but i can right now,that what i write here,because i have to know soon as posible for a work

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Yes everything you have unless it is an Alliance only appearance will be available for your Tauren.


Thank you so much for the info😁


Just to confirm, this is correct. Most appearances are account-wide, so any plate transmog you earned on your Dwarf will be available to your Tauren (once you’ve hit the required levels).

The only exceptions here are any faction specific appearances such as some Tier and PvP sets. Obviously, as with the Dwarf, any non-Paladin class specific plate gear (Warrior tier etc.) won’t be available either.

Have fun with the Tauren! :blush:


Off topic but please know you do mean the world to us here Aerythlea and mine and many others fingers legs and toes are crossed for you :heart:


And race only (dwarf heritage armour), but that should make sense anyway.


This! Happy you are still here Aerythlea!:hugs:

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Also, the pieces of Warfront transmogs you have on the dwarf will unlock the horde equivalents.

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Yes, Aerythlea. Happy to see you! :cupid:

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