Transmog restrictions

Let us use the tier sets on any class if the armor type matches, let’s say i unlocked the pvp tier set on the paladin, why would i be restricted and not allowed to transmog my warrior as the paladin pvp set ?

because you are a warrior and not a paladin mby?

What would be the point of designing unique looking armor for specific class then?

To be fair, you can actually get some complete/nearly complete sets for different classes by collecting off-set pieces.

LIke my Warrior has all 3 Paladin sets from Blackrock Foundry and Paladins can obtain all 3 Warrior sets if they want. My Shaman has the Tomb of Sargeras Hunter set and my DH can dress up in the Monk set from Throne of Thunder.

Since several tier sets can either be mostly/entirely copied to different classes, it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to simply allow access to sets based on armour type, rather than class.

Edit: My personal favourite is using the DK LFR Nighthold set with the Mage Tower gold/green Fury Warrior artifact weapon.

Are you disabled or trying your best to be funny ? My question is why not allow us to combine them in whatever way we want.

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