Traveler's Log - activities not capture

Hi All,

The start to Trading Post has been abysmal, and I have another bug to add on top of it.
One of the current activities you can aim to complete to receive Travel Points is the “Earn 5000 gold through Auction House” activity.
Which I have attempted to complete. And I sold some mats, all good, but then I logged in yesterday evening and received the gold in my inbox (with some 7k surplus) only to see that the whole Trading Post is turned off and the interface is not interactable.
And it didn’t give me the credit for this activity.
I know its worth only 100 points, but still, this leaves a bad taste. In an expansion which (although quite alright in other areas) is plagued by those tiny, nerve-pinching, bugs…

I would very much like to receive the credit for the above mentioned activity.

Player Character

Exactly same situation here

Oh wow, no reply from the game creators.
Lovely to see how they don’t really care about the feedback (unless its the one claiming DF was received well, despite the low sales…).

Can I get a refund of the game? I could open a thread for every bug I’ve encountered so far but I don’t have the bloody time!

I have finished my weekly, received the jester set which is good, but that was on Wednesday, today we have Saturday and I have NOT received a single traveler’s tender since, yet I’ve done many activities, saw them pop up on my screen too. Gotten the shadowy sword and plate cosmetic set, before I ended up having 50 tenders and none being received since Thursday this week.

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