Travelform/catform macro


Been looking around for a shapeshiftmacro and cant find what i want and im looking for help!

Been using this macro lately and it works great and does all i want except when outside and not in combat it first goes in to catform and then into travelform when pressed a second time.

any way to make it go straight in to travel form (flying) when available? the rest is perfect.

/cast [swimming] Travel Form; [nostance:2] Cat Form; [stance:2, outdoors] Travel Form; [stance:2, combat, indoors] Bear Form; [stance:2, nocombat, indoors] Cat Form

the condition is [flyable] if i recall correctly.

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wanna give it a shot? i cant get it to work x(

i have the full macro but you will have to wait til tomorrow. Im not at home.

/cast [nomod,swimming] Aquatic Form;
/cast [nomod,noflyable]Travel Form;
/cast [combat] Travel Form; [nomod,flyable] Swift Flight Form; [nomod,combat] Travel Form

You can remove the “nomod” part it was part of a larger macro.

Replace the first bit with
/cast [swimming][nostance:3, nocombat, outdoors] Travel Form;

Replace outdoors with flyable if you only want it to happen in flyable zones.

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