[Treasures of Zaralek Cavern] - seething cache , massive chokepoint for new meta?

Not sure about this one

  1. sharding in zaralek cavern is extremly limited since some patches ago
  2. at best ONE player out of MULTIPLE realms can get it every hour?

So about up to 48 people from multiple realm can get the achievement every day?

I mean it could be by design and that my estimation is way to pessimistic . But scratching my head here , because as a player who is actually looking at the entire meta achievement : not to bad of a grind BUT this one tiny treasure for a 5 point achievement might take you weeks or months , depending on the amount of players participating in the meta?



Having done it several months ago, i found it was easy to get. The Caverns are not busy with players any more even on AD which is a fairly busy server.

I just went to look for the orbs, found the 3 i needed in about 10 minutes and then went and looted the cache.

Also it’s not just 5 achievement points, the cache gives a mount when looted.

Problem is indeed a few months ago , you had way more sharding in caverns thats also when i did all my killing rares etc. if i enter caverns now for like herbing and mining , it so full of other realms. I checked the seething orb between 1-6 in the morning and always a few players there looking for them .

I just never done it months ago , just like you said was easy to do , so focused more on getting all the rares etc killed.

UPDATE: not saying it is difficult thing to do , this one just does not work in their EXTREME reduction of sharding , you have to look at it like a long queue row of people which can no cooperate for this expansion meta

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Since they announced the achievements, there’s a lot of people flying there around. Yesterday I took 2 orbs in 2 minutes and after less then 5 mins I lost my buff because, I am guessing, someone else got the chest.

Last few days, I was trying to find orbs, WM On and Off, morning, evening, but that was the only time I saw orbs spawning, they are never up, even when I try to hop realms, I can’t find any. Not sure what I am doing wrong or are they really that rare or is there any timer for chest, but it’s really frustrating and time consuming. It should not be the part of the meta, or at least it should be changed/modified.

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these achievements are impossible to complete at this point.
The timesinks are ridiculous for the majority of them.

Blizzard thinking we’re all still 21y old having all the time in the world.

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i am almost done with meta , i would say the top 3 out of my head :slight_smile:

1: this seething treasure need to made a group effort or removed from meta else it just begging people from a low population shard to invite you , SHARDING ACHIEVEMENT HUNTING/RESTART SERVER RESPAWNS IS A BAD DESIGN BLIZZARD ONE DAY YOU WILL STOP THIS! This achievement only works if enough people quit on trying to get it.
2: chasing storms , since there is only one storm active instead of 2 , to get all 16 permutations is too much of RNG
3: 50 scroll in forbidden reach (which you can cheese a tiny bit) but urgh , if you lucky 5 scrolls a hour , again empty shards full of treasures and rares makes this go faster.

I only need to do like 2 more dailies , but this treasure needs to be nerfed or changed , for the rest it is doable to do over a season but it is not for everyone.

update : 50 scroll can be easly be farmed in froststone vault , so i would say only chasing the storms is the only challenge for this meta

update again : well i would say all difficult things for meta has been addressed with now 2 storms again and better spread

Then don’t do it, it’s an achivement for collectors that enjoys these kinds of stuff.

good news they removed it from meta


Yep read that, got the achievement:3

I doubt this is hard to get anymore, all hardcore collectors got its first week/two so this should be way easier to get. Just use my strategy, I went there at late morning hours 3-4am with wm on and zone was dead almost, was pretty easy to get.

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