Trial of the Crusader still bugged

I could not find a thread still open for this, but the trial of the Crusader still bugs when getting to the faction champions, they stay in the crowd and never jump down or become hostile, so it Hard locks the trials of the Crusader raid

Fordring seems to have disappeared as well, don’t know if that has anything to do with it.

PS. its on retail, not classic

Does it both sides and for seemingly all my characters.

Found a solution, the bug happens if Jaraxxus is killed to fast, to avoid the bug Agro Jaraxxus by running trough him and starting the fight, wait till after he is done talking then kill him.

Would still be nice with a fix against this happening.

A response to this would be nice and getting it fixed, not nice to be locked out of a raid for a week cause you killed a boss to fast.

Also bugs if changing from 10 to 25 man after first boss.

u know u can use Edit Reply instead of spam ? XD

but i have exactly same problem here. many quests across the gam specially from older expac are bugged like hell

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