Tried dk but... I dont know

Hey guys,

Im nearly at max lvl now with my dk but Im not sure what to think about this class. I like frost concept but I feel like I have good dps only with pillar of frost active (to guarantee km procs). If I dont have pillar active/enemy avoided it with kite or cc/I decided not to use it at the moment my dmg is terrible. Like, I have most of the classess but frost damage without pillar is really bad. True, I have only 19% crit chance so maybe with crit heavy build at max lvl (around 35%) it will be better.

I tried also unholy but I dont feel it at all. On damage meter it shows big values like for example 50k from gargoyle over its duration at lvl 66 but in reality when I was hitting the mob, pet was doing like 1.3k damage per shot. Really small values, all pets do small damage even with mastery gear and all talents into pets damage.

How dk is doing at max lvl pvp? Maybe I need a good gear? I picked dk now because I wanted to play melee class but for now I think if I wanted to play a warrior class, maybe I should just play a warrior…

If you want a consistent damage profile you can run dual-wield obliteration frost. Damage is almost constant and your burst windows comes very frequently

Oh yes, I completely forgot about it! I’ll definetely try it. Thanks for reminding me :slight_smile:

You need good stats to make it viable. Especially with a 2 hander anything under 20% crit just wont work.

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