Trinity Raid Team almost complete! NEED MORE

Trinity is a ‘Casual’ raiding guild with a very long and successful history, raiding every expansion since TBC, we will be 13 years old in February.


Destruxion#2108 if you are interested.


Currently around 10 ready to go - so need a few more, get your spot now!

A bit of background:
We recently moved from our home of 12 years - Nordrassill, as we were struggling to recruit new members on the very low pop server, we decided to come to Silvermoon of course!
We recruited a lot of people in a very short period of time and rinsed through the raid quickly, which was fantastic. However, a lot of new people… and some of the guild didn’t get on with each other…it didn’t go as planned!
And then to top it all Classic hit…and that was even more gone!

So in short we are a very small guild at the moment, and i am basically re-building a raid team after a 4 month break. I don’t want you to join and think there will be a bustling guild chat…yet! But it will come back quick.

I have a small core left whom are ready to come back for the new raid, but i still need a tank, more healers and of course more deeps! We will start raiding as soon as i have a viable team - even if that is ten man!

I have been in this guild since its creation, I became Guild Master in Pandaria and as a guild we have raided every raid through to completion, before curve, sometimes even mythic.

We are a chilled bunch of casual players, we raid every week, we are very experienced. But we are not hardcore players and we don’t want to be. We have jobs, kids, partners etc etc. We raid for fun, and to relax.

This is important because we do not want you to join the guild if you:

  • Expect no-one to make mistakes
  • Expect to one shot every boss
  • Moan about wiping
  • Want to kick people instantly because their DPS is low

We would love you to join if you:

  • Laugh at people for standing in the fire
  • Try and help someone who is doing low dps, instead of try to kill them
  • Want to raid, but also do not see raiding as a job
  • Want to join a great, laid back guild

Just because we are laid back and casual doesn’t mean we are bad :), we always clear heroic raids in a very timely fashion…we are just in no rush. Our aim is to clear Heroic raids before curve, simple.
Of course if we have 20 that then want to try Mythic, fine - as long as it is the same ‘vibe’ as our heroic raids.

We are looking for good people, not just good players!

we have rules of course, our raids are on time and run efficiently, wiping is fine but we have more fun when we are in top form and killing stuff, so that is what we aim for.
Not, though, getting high blood pressure every time someone messes up.

So please do not let our 4 month / server change put you off! Come and join us now and lets get some raiding done!

We raid twice a week - Mondays and Wednesday - 2100 server time start!

Mythic + of course - we love some mythic + :slight_smile:
And Casuals - we want you to!
Destruxion#2108 - add me to chat more.

Top guild this.