Troll Heritage - when?

When we will get our lovely heritage armor and weapon set?

First of all dont try to bring plate style armor to us. you know trolls are living at tropical areas. and they are very agile. That means they are almost naked even with their armors.

So something between Vol’jin and Zek’han’s armor is acceptable for us .Masks skulls and bones are our theme .

And masks . We need our damn Rush’kah Masks.

there is only 2 different masks for cloth+ 2 for mail (few color options)(and one of them is zandalari mask) and 1 plate.
and 1 for leather with same visual with cloth one.

we want more masks.

and there is almost zero shoulder options with troll theme. only 1 with different color options for plate. and 3 for mail armor.

we had rise of zandalar patch . a big raid with trolls and entire expansion with trolls . but you really ignored us.

we have a little troll themed weapon too. just 2 bows few daggers few swords maces.

you must give us our glaive option as heritage weapon. 2h and 1h option. we can transmog them for everything. doesnt matter we are using staff polearm sword mace dagger wand fist weapon etc. its our right. glaive is troll and night elf theme weapon since start.

and i know you will never give shadow hunter/witch doctor class to us. but at least give us race specific abilities. just visual at least.


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