Troll in m+ 17 key

I get player from que application tank DH 2.1K RIO score, and I told him to go the normal route, and he said ok, instead of getting add before 1st boss in pleaguefall,he went another side on way 2nd boss, we almost wipe there, when we back, we start 1st boss in pleaguefall, and he left 1 mob, and we wipe on it, he could get it, because we were missing 1%, but he decides to troll. That’s rude. Do not become like league of legends all players toxic and trolls. It’s rude what he did. Punish him. Player Name: Tictactoke-grimBatol


While I understand your frustration, naming and shaming is against the forum rules, you may wish to remove his name from your post.

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