Trolls and Pets

Hello everyone! I’m a huge troll fan and I would like to help new troll Roleplayers figure out what pets to use depending on the tribes. That is, if they are a hunter.

Generally, trolls tend to use whatever animals they can find in the area they live in.

Keep in mind as a hunter, especially one that travels you can use whatever pets. Doesn’t have to be from the list below :smile:


Of course the Zandalari tend to use local animals, many of the dinosaur-like creatures around Zandalar. The most common ones they tame as pets and ride is the Direhorn.

Blood trolls

The Blood trolls tend to tame whatever is in Nazmir but mainly Blood Crawg they use as pets, and bats they use as flying mounts. A good mount to use also is Reins of a Tamed Bloodfeaster

they also tend to use skeleton Dinosaurs that you see in Nazmir.

Forrest trolls

The Amani mainly use Amani bears as pets along with Lynxes, snakes, crocolisk, and Amani eagle.

They also use Amani Dragonhawks both as pets and flying mounts. As for ground mounts, they use the Amani bear. You may see some similarities with Blood elves, and this is because the Amani lived in Eversong woods with it’s animals long before the Elves arrived.

The Vilebranch Tribe tend to use Raiding Wolf as it’s pet which is native to the Hinterlands.

While little is known about what the other forest trolls prefer, we can take a hint they use whatever animals is in their zone. They might also use the pets seen in Zul’Aman as they were all once part of the Amani empire before they broke off into their separate tribes.

Jungle trolls

The Gurubashi tribe tend to tame Crocolisks, Frenzies, serpents, snakes, monkeys, and panthers.

The Bloodscalp tribe tend to tame Tigers native to Northern Stranglethorn.

The Skullsplitter tribe tame Panthers native to Stranglethorn.

The Darkspear tame Raptors as pets and ground mounts. Bats for flying mounts. Generally the Raptor is a Darkspear troll’s best friend.

The Shatterspear might tame Nightsabers due to them lliving in Darkshore.

Ice Trolls

The Drakkari are seen having Snow leapords, Lurking Basilisk, Serpent Defender as pets.

They also have Zul’Drak bats both as pets and mounts.

In my opinion I think Snow leopards suit them very well and their ice theme.

Sand Trolls

The sand trolls are seen riding Basilisk as a mount. They also have Basilisk and Scarabs as pets. Generally, any desert animals might be helpful and useful for their climate and race. Even a camel. In Zandalar they are seen using Glasshide Basilisk as a pet and mount, you can tame them if I’m not mistaken which will be great for your sand trolls hunter.

What I do

My Hunter is a Darkspear and what I do is I tamed the Tiger From Pandaria and pretended it’s from Stranglethorn. While my troll lives in the Echo isles, she does visit Stranglethorn frequently as it’s her ancient homeland and while there she tamed her tiger friend. Of course, the Stranglethorn tigers tend to be low graphics and that’s why I tamed the Pandaria one as a replacement. But in Roleplay lore, she got the tiger from Stranglethorn, if that makes sense. So be creative!


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