Trophy of Strife catch up for World pvp

Now we are in the stage of conquest being un capped, can we have a catch up mechanic on sparks please? even if its like pay 50 bloody coins for 1 Trophy of Strife of something for alts? or can we buy Sparks emblems that we can use / send to alts. Just something to make this not such a long catch up. with the potential for only 8 sparks a week I believe we are missing a trick here.

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just imagine early 10.0.7 with every fotm reroller x10 stack 6pc buff ret facerolling people during his 30 min shuffle queue

I think there are spark for min/max gear tuning for shuffle

other than that, current system is the last breath of the class identity, no catch up

Sparks of life is nothing to do with pvp anymore. No groups and no one to kill even if you managed to gather players. Rare farm and chest hunting… fun content.

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also do the world quests with warmode on in the zone. gives 10 sparks per quest if i remember correct.

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