Trust level 5 - the cow level

(Poisonenvy) #190

hmmm … I’d forgotten about that. the “```” thing works too, ie, three of those little dudes above the tab key on your keyboard, front and back of the thing you’re wanting to link (but can’t, cos reasons).


(Haiete) #191

Dude, did you like your post by ten of your alts?

(Punyelf) #192

If you go on certain third party sites you will see all my alts, there are many paladins. You will not find a single one liking any of my posts :slight_smile:

(Haiete) #193

Sorry, I didn’t mean you, but I see where the confusion came from since I quoted you as well. I meant Poisonenvy, who magically has ten upvotes. And I checked those characters, all of them are alts.


I got the reaction I could expect, thanks for the likes. xD

(Punyelf) #194

Oh I see!!!

(Epzilon) #195

:confused: level cow a be to there want I

(Ylie) #196

Like me, I’m a Cow…MOOOOOO

(Zetioun) #197

Yes by posting in any of my “Like grind” threads I guarantee 10 likes on that post, of course as long Blizzard allows me to.

I did one fundamental mistake when making this thread and that was not adding one more rule which states that if you start liking posts in this thread you need to begin from the bottom and work your way upwards, until you get bored.

Not adding this rule in made it so the first 10-20 poster got an disproportionate amount of likes in relation the the new posters in this thread. Which is my bad, because now new posters in this thread almost get no likes.

My objective for this thread was for everyone to join the grind and get a few likes. My intention was never for the top posters to steal all the likes :sweat:

This mistake has made this great thread a total failure in my opinion :sob:

Will be making a new thread like this in Jaunary, probably… Hopefully in the next thread this won’t be an issue.


I want some milk… lets go to barn :wink:

(Haiete) #199

Oh it was you! I’m impressed, you’re as dedicated as one could be.

This thread is part of history. You wrote history. Literally, people are going to remember this thread. At least I did, with the insane amounts of likes it generated, and even a blue reply, man…

And now, I am going to do the same you did to me.

You got guilds for that on Argent Dawn.


I want the elf instead!

(Rockara) #201

I knew it is real! That is how my dreams look like even!

(Izila) #202

So how’s everyome doing today?

(Xiantivia) #203

Oops, ran out of likes for today…

-50 DKP!

(Shinar) #204

I wanted to dislike this post, but I couldnt, so I smashed a like in there instead.

(Poisonenvy) #205

I have no idea what you mean. I really don’t have the time or inclination to log into various alts just to “like” my own posts. That’s just a complete waste of time that really I don’t have. Also … the only two characters I’ve even loaded up on these forums is this one (who is my “main” in game) and one alt because originally I was unable to log in with my main.

EDIT … also … if you feel the inclination to go check who actually liked posts (which apparently you do) … why not check to see if they’re from the same account rather than jumping to conclusions. It’s easy enough to do.

(Haiete) #206

Yeah sorry, I judged too soon. All the likes were by the same account, but I didn’t check if they were your alts.


:cow2: A :cow2: cow :cow2: has :cow2: made :cow2: it :cow2: to :cow2: The :cow2: Pasture :cow2:


when tauren enters orgrimmar


I just proper giggled. If I didn’t hate them so much I’d so go roll an orc go stand at the gate and just spam that every time I see a cow.

But horde yuk /spit

For the alliance!