Trust level 5 - the cow level

(Punyelf) #169

At least the limit is just 10 characters now as opposed to the 20 we had before :slight_smile:

(Ellipsìs) #170

I kinda miss the old 0 limit sometimes. You can’t concisely rate transmogs out of 10 anymore.

(Kallila) #171

So if we work on forum rep until level 5, will we get flying in the forums as well by 8.2? :grin:

(Tèsla) #172

no. you gain a free

(Kallila) #173

Already got one of those from a box of cereals :confused:


Same, but on a bright side we dont have limitation on posting only once a minute :smiley:


Share the love with this old frozen heart <3! I like aspects of the new forum while really disliking other ones! Tbh, I loved having pages to sift through, this new slider confuses me a bit ;3

(Izila) #176

How come I did not check this thread sooner?

(Hínáta) #177

Because it’s for the cool kids only and now you’re one of us!


WTS forum boost, level 5 in 1 week easy, /w for more info, accepting gold from all servers.

(Hínáta) #179

I’ll buy, paying with … we’ll talk about it in private.

(Izila) #180

Fair enough!

(Anouk) #181

Here we go boiiis <3

(Punyelf) #182

Using a smiley/emoji can take you to the 10 count. They have letters in order to use them and count towards the char count.

(Grumdan) #183

So what’s on the other side?

(Trinciamazze) #184

We’re still investigating, hold tight!

(Meristu) #185

Trust levels will be removed soon, blizz didnt expect players would have this much fun with them …

(Heymom) #187

milk it while its hot!

(Jama) #188

:turtle: A :turtle: TURTLE :turtle: HAS :turtle: MADE :turtle: IT :turtle: TO :turtle: THE :turtle: WATER :turtle:

(Punyelf) #189

You can give links to the maps/documents using </> button