Trust level 5 - the cow level

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8k more posts to read for TL3 !

(Brewny) #231

Does anyone else keep having to change their posting character every time they log in to the forum? I get a random character from my account every single time. And it’s not connected to the character I played last in game, some of them I’ve not played for months.

(Plamcia) #233

I found it you need go to Great Seal, and eten to portal! There is zone full of walking cows!

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Moooooo!!! That’s one gorgeous tauren.

(Marinya) #236

That is indeed the case and it’s annoying as I never intend to post on them with the trust level being tied to individual character posting stats.

(Punyelf) #237

Have you tried logging out of both the old forums and the new forums, clearing your cache, then logging in again?

(Brewny) #238

I always clear my cache, it’s not that. I’ll try on another browser, see what happens.

(Brewny) #239

Tried on Firefox, same thing. Meh… it’s really annoying.

(Punyelf) #240

I had to do a password reset when we first changed over because it wouldn’t behave.

You can change it back again after but it does like a a bit of a reset on your account. You wont lose any posts or Trust level or anything.

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The first one does still exist!

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Oh well. Posting here to see if I’ll get free upvotes. (at least I’m honest)


Give us a level 5 cow level raid boss !!!


Posting for the free cows ! or did i read that wrong ?

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Hey that’s me walking there! And some silly supermodel.


Is there a cow level?! :smiley:


Yeah, the tauren starting zone lol


Paladin Class Book Rank 2; The Like and how to Smash It

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