Trust level 5 - the cow level


Next time you get a Gibbs-slap :wink:

(Punyelf) #698



we almost have 33°C where I live, how is your weather?

(Teknetia) #700

It’s humid and they keep saying storms are coming but they just won’t come.

It’s like my ex all over again.


Im still trust level 2 -_-

(Punyelf) #702

You have to stop being a naughty boi

(Hínáta) #703

Exam in 1:30 hrs send your amoozing support! Mooooo!

Hooves crossed!

(Teknetia) #704

I love you


Please dont punish me mommyelf :weary::weary::weary:


Good Luck Today You can moo it - Mooing Cow

(Teknetia) #707

M8 that’s not Jaina


34 C here and me and my bunny rabbit are melting

(Sinaaki) #709

Good luck with the exams :+1:

(Sinaaki) #710

Its cold and raining here… :sob:


Im not sure if I’ve mentioned it before but I make a fine blanket :ok_hand::weary:


Traditional finnish summer, it is not snowing that much and the temperature is warming 10°C, sun is shining :sunglasses:


same as you, between 30-35°C… It’s hooooooooot


Yep also not liking these temperatures. But this year I finally got around to buying myself an AC unit. I can’t put up with it anymore and with global warming it’s only getting worse.

Never had AC in the house before, so it’ll be a nice change.

p.s. Where are our Cow Memes?

(Sinaaki) #715

I’m still Cold :frowning:

(Môe) #716

Poor thing, its like 45 during the day here… i wonder how our folks would’ve evolved if gas wasn’t a thing. :camel::sunglasses: