Trust level 5 - the cow level


Greetings sir and/or ma’am.


Wolves are on the rise :wolf:


Today is 26.06.19 so
2+6+6=14 - 19 = 5 cow level its confirm :stuck_out_tongue:


14-19= -5 though


-5 its a lot of better we are closer

(Môe) #722

Do cow’s play ff14 ?


I’ve been reading some of the forum posts and I realize that I will never get to level 3. Simply because there is so much negativity.
So to al whiners and haters. Here have a hug :

( Punyelf , can you post the gif for me please? )


I am not Punyelf, but here you go

(Destruct) #725

Well taking a 2-4 week mental break removed my rank 3, great… This is stupid. Unless you’re daily visitor or atleast once evry 2 days you will keep losing it.


this really is stupid

(Destruct) #727

Daily was just taking up way too much time. But Good to know I don’t have to care anymore. Especially not this summer, will 100% lose it, not gonna visit wow forums on vacation etc.


it would really piss me off to start reading the 20.000 posts again because this feels more like a job than anything…
20.000 posts are a lot especially considering the EU forums are not as active as the Us forums

Edit: ohh I have 404 posts now… Error 404 posts not found :slight_smile:

(Sinaaki) #729

The big forum grind :sweat_smile:

(Destruct) #730

Yup I went from a daily to 2 or 3 schedule (forgetting the rule but damn it made my life better by not surfing to the forums the first thing I came home). Yet I didn’t suddenly became unknowledgeable about mages or the like so why we lose it so quickly? They even want us to grind on the forums and I lost the will… I won’t respond if I don’t seee a thread that intrests me (happend alot in May). This structure made forums a chore. Like a job you need to go to every 2 days.

Yep also true 2-3 days was enough of a buffer to not miss threads unless US forums… general is slow but all the other sections are even slower so can go a week or even more and still see the same threads ontop.


Answer those question and you will gain 13% chance to get trust level 5 this week.

  1. What is your favorite moment in WoW ?
  2. Best recipe in WoW?
  3. Favorite toy in WoW ?

Rise minions of the pasture.

  1. What is your favorite moment in WoW ?
    starting the fight against yogg saron (the dialogue is awesome)
  2. Best recipe in WoW?
    Anti-Gravity Pack (Mechagon)
  3. Favorite toy in WoW ?
    Blazing Wings

(Punyelf) #733

I’m sorry I’ve been so busy in game I’ve not checked on the forums much.

Glad someone got it for you :slight_smile:


I need some amoozing cow gifs/pics. I am a bit sad about the latest patch, only logged in on release day and got bored too fast.

I feel like this poor cow. I want to progress but something is stopping me


Moo… :slight_smile:

(Punyelf) #736