Trust level 5 - the cow level

(Rogmasha) #817

Your image posting capabilities is making a mooooockery of me. :frowning:

(Shumensko) #818

Nice, but doesn’t fill the emptiness left by Moothilda


Hello there. I am here to distribute likes. How is everyone doing besides, though?


It’s alright, but could be better. They deleted the Demon Hunter Dark Ranger thread :confused: bit saddened by that

(Hínáta) #822

Heat waves got nothing on me!


Day 5 of being part of the Cow Trust Level and they still suspect nothing. So easily fooled

(Hínáta) #824

I’m about to go infiltrate that secret cow society and try and find info about her! wish me luck!

(Hínáta) #825

Same time O.O


This is not ok

(Hínáta) #827

Our cover will be blown!


omg omg I’m so sorry what do we do

(Hínáta) #829

(Shumensko) #830

Thanks everyone, you made it do that Moothilda is part of us again.


post evry day a ton, give out and recieve tons of likes each day
(aslo why do we have a limit on likes >.> what if i found a big thread and like alot of posts in there, aperntly were not allowed to like it all)
and then dont visit for few days and its all gone and takes even longer to get it back.


oviously if you dont give out 100likes a day you cant be trusted acoring to blizz.


Wait you telling me that not everyone like my opinion ? Oh christ that means I never get good in this grind according to blizz /rofl


(Punyelf) #835

(Rogmasha) #836

Let’s keep this thread moooooving!


Do you know how does Naxxramas fly?