Trust level 5 - the cow level


Lets talk about giggling hyenas:
They eat everything you have around you.
They giggle at anything.
And they have good modules in wow :smiley:


I dint visit forum for like 2days and i lost my ability to post links or gifs.
So thats anoying.

(Môe) #799

didnt u know ? its not only the game…u need to grind the forums too now.


well whats next then? grind to be able to view the forums?

(Môe) #801

shhhhhh dont give them any ideas


are much worse things i could come up with. So i wont post them. just incase


What about grinding for the right to have an Authenticator? Would be cool.

What, it gives you 4 bag slots… that does not come cheap.


dint you read? dont give them ideas!

(Keenkey) #805

Happened to me recently. Really annoying!

(Teknetia) #806

I’m still waiting for the ability to post Gif’s in the first place. I think I’m just gonna have to release my load of Gif’s in one almighty gifaning.

(Rogmasha) #807

The power to embed gifs and images is one of those things that feels like a super power despite being really simple.


What is more powerfull ? Nukebomb or Image ? Apparently image /rofl


Who the hell even thought it would be a nice idea to lock posting links and other things behind some trust whatever crap… :expressionless::expressionless:


It’s called timegating until the next patch … No wait , that can’t be true. Blizz would never do something like that :stuck_out_tongue:

(Shumensko) #811

Even after inviting her, Moothilda is not here.


Wait if she returnds from vacation in mulgore… she will not be able post pictures because of this broken forum system.

(Destruct) #813

Don’t you dare to:

  1. Take a small break
  2. Not like enough
  3. Not comment nearly daily
  4. Change your name
  5. Change your toon
  6. Switch servers.

Can’t wait to when I re-earn trust level 3 to lose late this year again ebcause of actual vacations…


My dear Jerroy sit on as* because is bugged on forum so maybe Moothilda have same issue like me and now she watching us! #showerthoughts

(Levey) #815

I lost my tier 3 trust privileges. Why even post?

Oh well.


here, have another cow :cow: