Trust level 5 - the cow level

(Moothilda) #898

The temperature right now… I feel like I’m melting :hot_face:


(Vakosh) #900

So is thing still alive? Will give likes for updoots.

(Moothilda) #901

It’s saturday… And I am still on my way to work

(Keenkey) #902

After all week at work prepping for my last exam. I find working on Saturdays h ttps://


Ye it is just some of us dying… I mean work is work.


One thing what need to be accont wide is our Trust grind! Anyway where are goats ? They are always two… one cow and one goat.

(Sinaaki) #905

I’m here :goat:

(Keenkey) #906

You are absolutely adorable!

(Moothilda) #907

Goats are a bit smaller than muh-muhs, so I’ll step aside and let her come in front :wink:

(Sinaaki) #908

Dont be silly, u put your nice dress on! We can stand next to eachother my friend :star_struck:

(Moothilda) #909

I’m ready when you are :wink:

(Vakosh) #910

Cannot unsee.


What is this ?! Heressy under our feet!

(Moothilda) #912

Of course you can’t… I’m a style icon

You are just jealous!


An Illusion! What are you hiding?


Puff … God of all cows has arrived to this kingdom.

(Moothilda) #915

What do you mean? I am just an innocent little tree minding my own business


I think the expression is : I can’t see the herd for the cows ? ?? :stuck_out_tongue:

(Moothilda) #917

No work today for me :sunglasses:

Maybe I should grab the nearest friend and go to the beach