Trust level 5 - the cow level

(Teknetia) #918


The gmmmlmrmrgmg is master race…

(Moothilda) #920

The tiny little green ones (not goblins)?

Those that created this masterpiece?

Btw. I laugh a lot at 5:13 :smile:

One station reports about a sunny day with no clouds… Sounds like at hat day to me :smiley: :sun_with_face:
But another one say it will be heavy rain with thunder and lightning… It still sounds like a hat day to me (when I will be outside all the time) :expressionless: :cloud_with_rain::cloud_with_lightning::tornado:

But… It seems like I haven’t updated myself in my hat collection…
I only have party hats it seems like - I will still wear it, but now I have to dance the entire day, so I don’t look foolish


(Keenkey) #922


Beach trip sounds wonderful! Definitely needed at the end of this week!

(Moothilda) #924

When I see this, I am happy the possibility for this to happen :point_down: is low

The distance between the outhouses in this game is to far, and if I meet a tauren for the first time I might need to go to one very fast :smile:

(Punyelf) #925

(Môe) #926


(Môe) #927

Vacation time indeed. the worst, my entire body got raped by mosquitoes and one thing i know for sure is I’m never going to Nice EVER or any southern France in general. the whole trip was bad RNG. :sob::sob::sob:

(Moothilda) #928

I wasn’t expecting to see you so soon

Thank goodness, then Sinaaki and I still have time to get our outfits right before any parties :drooling_face:


Cow in mulgore, hear my call in name of grass. Go to ashenvale and do what you are best at… Weekly advice

(Teknetia) #930

I need this music to play everytime I’m flying around in my mech


Kinda hopinng that sone will be in TopGun : Maverick :smiley:



(Moothilda) #934

I wasn’t quite ready for the ending

The wait for the cows to be mentioned was worth it :sunglasses:

(Keenkey) #935

Took my dogs for a walk. The cows were very nosy. Yesterday I included link, today I can’t. Here you have my dogs and the lovely young cows…or bulls.
h ttps://


Cow and chicken!

Chicken and cow!



So , cow level ? patch 8.3 or 9.0 ?
Any thoughts