Trust level 5 - the cow level

(Soxxy) #958

I wonder how that would feel for us.

Probably awful.

(Vakosh) #959

There is no price too great, not challenge too daunting, when TRUST LEVELS are on the line!

(Soxxy) #960

This sounds like the bad anime adventure I’ve dreamed of being a part of for my entire life.

(Vakosh) #961

Buckle up kiddo, you’re in for a wild ride.

upvotes with great anime intensity

(Moothilda) #962

Gotcha :+1:

Intens Anime Cow Bombardement begins

(Punyelf) #963

There is a certain level of activity required to get to level 3, you have to maintain that level of activity to keep hold of it.

I think it’s better not to worry about the levels. You either are active enough to have them, or you’re not. Just take part as little or as often as you want to.

(Punyelf) #964

You can do various things to check your trust level but I find this is the quickest/cleanest method

I don’t sign in, I just use the character-realm version bit at the bottom.

(Moothilda) #965

Exactly this :point_up_2:

We already have figured out a way to post link without the trustlvl, and if we need pictures that badly, we can always begin the thing we did before we were able to post pictures :wink:

          (0 0)
   /[-----(o o)
  / [---------]
@     b     b

Something like this, it was never one of my strong traits :sweat_smile:

(Soxxy) #966
 (     )
//    \\

I tried to make a happy cow.

(Moothilda) #967

That cow does look happy :+1:

But those girls in that video :face_with_monocle:
They only want that cow for her body!! :rage:


Woot - I’m Level 2 now! Is there an add-on to make Forum rep my rep bar in-game?

(Rogmasha) #969

I wish. :frowning:

Unfortunately the best you can do is track your stats on your character’s summary page.

Here’s yours:

(Keenkey) #970

Good luck outrunning the cow!

(Keenkey) #971

I was camping in Scotland not that long ago. Was on the walk to very secluded beach (Slaggen) and truly feared for my life when Highland cattle stared us down. This thing was muscular, majestic with huge horns. There would be no escaping.


Hey, i got it back :heart:


What a hell is going on here?! I feel like this guys…

(Moothilda) #974

I can relate to that dilemma, having fancy dress shoes on and that annoying parking lot puddle where you are going - what to do, what to do :no_mouth:

(Rogmasha) #975

Hallelujah, I’m back!

(Moothilda) #976

The weather right now is very noisy and flashing right now :flushed:

I think the mythological Thunder Cow might be walking the skies right now

(Sinaaki) #977

Dont worry, its just me testing my dps spec :sweat_smile: