Trust level 5 - the cow level

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(Moothilda) #939

Maybe it has been in the game since Vanilla, but no one have found it yet :thinking::cow:


Naaaaaah , blizz wouldn’t be that mean … or would they …


(Vakosh) #941

Finally got around to repaying the updoots. Still can’t post my crisp cow memes though, so you lot will have to supply the world with what it truly needs!


This is how I feel when I woke up…

(Moothilda) #943

There is some quality use of racials in that video :wink:

0:16 is the talent that is very rarely seen, but known as “The salesman talent”
If you can get a hoof in, you are guarenteed a win :smile:

(Punyelf) #944


It seems I have lost my trust level 3 for some reason :disappointed_relieved:
yeah, I took a 3 week break from the game when 8.2 was launched but I still visited the forums on a daily basis. Now I took a 3 days vacation with 0 forum activity, but that cannot be it. So any clues what I did wrong?


What did you said?! You started do something IRL? No no my boy you must grind this lvl every day or we will punish you!!! Blizzard 2018/19

(Moothilda) #947

I will not tell you what I or the MVP’s did, but I’ll leave a clue :wink:


You think… ehm we all know how this turn out.


I’m still stuck on “Moo Tube” level but not links allowed level …yet Youtube is clearly also an external link. I suspect mad cow disease!

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When cows show some sign of being mad… Run!
Some of the signs are a clear angry attitude

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I come back on for the first time since the update with the fancy scrollbar, and now I have to grind rep with the wow forum? nerf pls


Blizzard giveth and then Blizzard taketh away.

Holy paladin since Vanilla :persevere:

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I give you the cows of my country.

They aren’t too common in central Scotland (most farms here have more typical looking cows, without majestic hair), so I haven’t seen many in my life. But they look so cozy!

(Punyelf) #954

To be fair, you dont have to grind anything. The only requirement to post on this forum is a subscription.

The trust level system is just a minor perk for those who take part regularly.


I disagree with you. I lost my trust level 3 and I am grinding the forums to get it back. As I have no clue why I lost it, I just have to read (and sometimes like) quite many posts and topics to see if it helps :joy:

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Only joking of course. :stuck_out_tongue:

Have the perk ranks changed at any point since this guide was posted?

From what I can tell I’m level 1, but I’ve managed to post two youtube links anyway.

Edit: Never mind, reread it there.

Three now.

Just to be sure I’m understanding this thread right, we just post cows here and collect internet points?

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This is what I wish happens to all the people who aid me in my quest to regain trust level 3: